Artificial Insemination Kits

Artificial Insemintion Kits

Artificial insemination using an artificial insemination kit is the process by which sperm is placed into the reproductive tract of the female, by using means other than sexual intercourse. It is increasingly used by single women and lesbian couples to conceive using donor sperm. It is also used as an assisted reproductive technique, to treat infertility using sperm from the woman's male partner, or sperm from a sperm donor (donor sperm) where the male partner produces no sperm.

It is recommended that artificial insemination is performed at a HFEA regulated fertility clinic, whereby they will underatke all the nessessary health screening and infection testing on the donor. However if you are looking to enter into a co-parenting arrangement, with a donor who you have got to know well over a period of time, you may choose to consider home insemination, after completion of health screening tests. These insemination kits are also useful for heterosexual couples who may be experiencing fertility problems and wish to enhance their chances of conception.

Insemination kits
We provide a choice of 5 insemination kits.

Artificial insemination kit

Standard artificial insemination kit:

  • 1 x BBT Digital thermometer
  • 2 x FSH Female fertility test
  • 6 x Ovulation tests
  • 3 x Pregnancy tests
  • 6 x 10ml (latex free) syringes
  • 6 x Semen sample containers
  • 3 x Urine sample containers (use with pregnancy test)
  • Basal body temperature chart
  • Artificial insemination instructions
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Delux Artificial Insemination Kit

Deluxe artificial insemination kit: Contains all of the above plus the following:

  • 3 x Sterile disposible vaginal speculums
  • 6 x Syringe extender tips
  • 1 x  vaginal lubricant Balance active
  • 1 x Folic acid vitamins (90 tablets)
  • Top tips for successful conception

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