Free Sperm Donors

Free sperm donors

Are you looking for a free sperm donor? Pride Angel is the leading and fastest growing sperm donor connection website which is free to register.
We pride ourselves on our dedication to connect sperm donors, egg donors, co-parents and recipients worldwide.
  • More than 4800 sperm donors worldwide willing to donate for free
  • More than 1500 sperm donors in the UK willing to donate for free

Why choose Pride Angel to find your free sperm donor?

  • Pride Angel connection service has many benefits:
  • User friendly professional website connection service
  • Pride Angel founded by professional scientists
  • Pride Angel run by people with personal experience of donor conception
  • Members only website keeps donors and co-parents genuine
  • Quick and advanced worldwide profile search
  • Message credit contact system
  • Fertility and health screening advice
  • Quality fertility and insemination products
  • Fertility law advice
  • Free registration

Our unique message credit contact system means:

  • We don't charge high set up fees
  • We don't charge monthly subscription fees

Once you are a Pride Angel member you can purchase message credits to contact other members.
Sperm and egg donors receive limited free message credits.

(All funds from message credits go directly back into the hosting and running of the Pride Angel website,
to ensure this valuable service is continued.)

Advantages of message credits
  • You only pay for the amount of times you contact other members
  • There is no time limit for contact credits, they don't run out
  • You can take your time with choosing your perfect match
  • Message credits prevents nuisance contacts from non-genuine members
  • Message credits helps prevent sperm donors over contacting and donating to too many people
Pride Angel continually checks and monitors all profiles
Unlike many other websites or forums, our Pride Angel team continually checks all new and existing profiles, to ensure that they are meeting our ‘Terms of use’.

How much does Pride Angel cost?

Pride Angel is free to register and enables members to create a personal profile, as well as search and view full profiles of sperm donors and co-parents. Once you have found a suitable match you are able to communicate safely through our internal message system. Message credits are for user’s safety and can be purchased once you register and log in.
Prices start at £20 for 20 message credits, £28 for 30 message credits, £34 for 40 message credits, or £38 for 50 message credits.
(All funds from message credits go directly back into the hosting and running of the Pride Angel website, to ensure this valuable service is continued).

Are sperm donors free or do I need to pay them?
Donors are not permitted to directly request payment for donations and should be donating for altruistic purposes only. However sperm donors may request ‘reasonable expenses’ for travel and loss of earnings. The maximum a donor can request for a course of donations either through a clinic or via home insemination in the UK was previously £250. This has recently been changed to £35 per donation by the HFEA. Many of our sperm and egg donors wish to donate for free and expect no payments. (Fertility treatment costs are normally required to be paid by the recipients).

Becoming a Pride Angel member allows you to:
  • Register for free as a sperm donor, egg donor, co-parent or recipient
  • Create and add your own personal profile
  • Upload your personal photograph as an individual or couple
  • Complete our optional health questionnaire
  • Communicate with other members in our Pride Angel forum
  • Rate Pride Angel blogs
  • Buy contact credits to contact other members
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